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Business Model Hackers

Beyond Conventional: AI and Systems Thinking for Next-Gen Businesses

Created by Sam Schreim • 30 episodes

Sam Schreim

Business Model Hackers podcast is a program designed for a new and distinguished breed of business leaders who:

  • Never Have To Compete in "Red Ocean" Markets, Ever Again
  • Defy Gaussian Normal and To Thrive on Power Law
  • Are Winners in "Winner-Takes-All" Market Niches
  • Have "High-Performance" as their Organization's DNA
  • Lead and Not Follow the Herd, Where Competitors Try to Catch Up
  •  Are the Trend-Setter in Their Niches, Industries and Markets
  • Never Let Cognitive Biases Impair thier Judgment 
  •  Are Holistic and Universal, and Leave Reductionism Behind
  • Are Able To Focus on Growth and Less About Cost
  •  Sustain Non-Linear Growth, Compounded Through Feedback Loop
  •  Consider Disruption as The Fuel That Drives Our Winning Performance
  • External Shocks and Events Makes them Only More Resilient.